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Though it is free to use, WinXXDataConverter is copyrighted software. Please read the License Agreement.

WinXXDataConverter is a Windows "GUI" application that will convert files between the various formats used by Win92, Win93, Win95, and Win96.

The program only converts data that is common between files. For example, if you are converting a P95 file to SPG, then none of the "SRn" settings will be converted. Likewise, if you are converting an SPG file to P95, and you have LTR trunking info, then the settings for those banks and channels will be the PRO-95's default "FM". Play with it a little to see how this works.

NOTE: The P96 (Win96) conversions are only from the other three formats to Win96. The program will not convert P96 files to the other formats.

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Download latest version (this is a ZIP file - you'll need WinZip, PowerArchiver, or an equivalent decompression utility in order to extract files)

The link above is the program only - it doesn't include a couple of system files that are required to run it. If you're using a recent version of any Microsoft product, then you should already have these files. If WinXXDataConverter complains that it can't find a file or component necessary to run (or something like that), you can get the required files in this ZIP file. Merely extract the DLLs into the same directory/folder where you put the WinXXDataConverter.exe program.

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