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Download latest version (this is a ZIP file - you'll need WinZip, PowerArchiver, or an equivalent decompression utility in order to extract files)

There have been a few reports of problems uploading to the scanner with versions 00.41 and 00.42. The main symptom was that after uploading, the scanner would briefly show "Data Error" and would reinitialize to its blank factory state. I was able to reproduce the problem, but only intermittently. I have not seen the problem at all in version 00.43. This is somewhat confusing, as there were no changes that should have "fixed" it. Likewise, there was nothing in 00.41 or 00.42 that should have caused the problem in the first place.

Win92 is a Windows "GUI" application for the Radio Shack Pro-92 trunking scanner. It allows you to read data from the scanner, make changes via the GUI, and write the modified data back. It will read / write the scanner in less than 90 seconds. You can also maintain a "library" of data files to be downloaded or shared. Win92 uses the 'standard' SPG data format for its files.

Version 00.46 25 July 2004, 12:52 PDT

Revision History

Read errors: Some users that have experienced the "timed out waiting for 01 98 ..." error have been able to resolve it by downloading the DLLs.ZIP file. There is a download link for that file in the paragraph below the main program's download link.

Windows 2000 Many people have reported problems transferring data to and from the scanner on Windows 2000 machines. Win92 was developed on a Windows 98 machine and has been tested on Windows 95 and Windows NT. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Windows 2000 PC at the moment, so I cannot debug this problem. As soon as I can get my hands on such a PC, I'll look into it. Update 02 Dec 2001: This should be working now in version 0.30.

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Ken Plotkin (author of 92ware) and I have noticed a problem in both of our programs where after several downloads, we'll start dropping data from the scanner. We're still looking into it. At the moment, the workaround is to turn off both the scanner and the PC, disconnect the cable from them, and then power-up and reconnect.

Win92 is released as freeware. You may download it for personal use only. It may not be sold or used in any commercial enterprise. All rights to the software are retained by the author. No guarantee is made as to its usefulness or fitness for any purpose. The author will not be responsible for any damage to any equipment or data resulting from the program's use.

Download latest version (this is a ZIP file - you'll need WinZip, PowerArchiver, or an equivalent decompression utility in order to extract files)

The link above is the program only - it doesn't include a couple of system files that are required to run it. If you're using a recent version of any Microsoft product, then you should already have these files. If Win92 complains that it can't find a file or component necessary to run (or something like that), you can get the required files here. This file is a WinZip archive containing the required components. Merely put it in the same directory/folder where you put the Win92.exe program, and "unzip" it (as with the file, you'll need WinZip or an equivalent utility to do this). The archive contains three new files: MFC42.DLL, MSVCRT.DLL, and MSVCP60.DLL. You can then delete the file.

This page is going to be relatively "terse", only including a description of changes from release to release, as well as a list of any known or reported problems with the application. If you use the program and find a problem or have a question, check back here to see if it's already been reported (and maybe fixed).

Known limitations

General information

More info will be added under this "General information" heading as users ask questions or have comments.

Bank Page Editing Functions

Revision History

Thanks to Ken Plotkin and Bill Petrowsky for information on the Pro-92's data layout, especially Type-I fleet maps and size codes!