Below are some configurations that have been reported as working by various users. Probably the most important considerations are the version of Win93, the type of cable used, and the COM port type ("standard" or USB).

Thanks to the users that have supplied this information!

Win93 Version DLLs? Windows Version Cable CPU RAM COM Port Problems
00.03 N 2000 Pro, SP2 Casio QV-3000EX camera cable, with 2 RS adapters P-III 600 128 COM1 Std None
00.01 N 2000, SP2 PRO93.COM, with supplied adapter AMD K2 366 - COM1 Std None
00.01 Y ME PRO93.COM, 2-way AMD 900MHz 640 Std None
00.01 N XP Pro Yaesu VX-5 from RT Systems Athlon XP 1700 512 Std None
00.01 N 98 SE PRO93.COM, 2-way Duron 350 128 Std None
00.02 N XP Pro build 2505 Purple Computing, with the 2 RS adapters P-III 600 128 Std None
00.02 N 2000 Pro Polaris FA-126 Windows Link for Casio Boss, with the 2 RS adapters Athlon 1200 256 Std None
00.01 Y 98 Purple Computing, with the 2 RS adapters Athlon 1.1 GHz 128 COM1 std works, COM3 USB (Purple Computing) fails Would prefer pushbutton bank selection, instead of small arrows
00.03 N XP Pro Purple Computing, with adapters P-IV 1.7 GHz 1 GB COM2 std 00.03 fixed an upload problem; a couple of "no header" errors, works on retry; would like tool tips for buttons
00.06 N XP Corporate Build 2600 Homemade one-way, MOSFET Celeron, 600MHz 128 MB COM2 USB (Purple) None

"" Cable Reports

The following information was reported by users in response to a query on the Yahoo PRO-93 board. There had been several postings regarding problems with the two-way cable from Unfortunately, the information below may not be of much use, as the only people that responded to my Yahoo board query were people that have no problems with the cable!

Interestingly, none of the replies I've received so far indicates a cable received before 14 Jan 2002. Perhaps the people having problems received their cables some time ago?

The list contains date ordered (or received), any adapters included or required (if that info was provided by the user), and the working/not working status of the cable.