Win96 (ver 01.50) and Win97 (ver 01.10) now support importing conventional frequency data from

The "File -> Web import" sub-menu has changed. The old "" menu item (which brought up the trunked data import dialog) now shows a sub-menu. This new sub-menu allows you to select between trunked systems and conventional frequencies. The former is the same as the old dialog.

The new "Conventional frequencies" item brings up a new dialog. YOU MUST CHANGE THE URL AT THE TOP OF THIS DIALOG SO THAT IT INCLUDES 1.1 (one dot one) AT THE END. That is, the URL changes from:

The old trunked system import will accept and work with either URL. After changing the URL in the conventional import dialog, that new URL will be used for both types of data import.

After clicking the START button, the list of countries is updated. After selecting a country, the list of states is updated.

When you select a state, two things happen. First, the list of counties is populated. Next, any statewide agencies are listed in the new "Agencies" list box. If you select an Agency, that agency's categories, sub-categories, and frequencies are retrieved and displayed in the big "tree" at the bottom. If you select a County, that county's categories, sub-categories, and frequencies (if any) are displayed in the tree and, if any are available, the county's agencies are placed in the "Agencies" list box, replacing those of the state.

If you receive an error message telling you there was no sub-category information, it means there are no conventional frequencies in the RR database for the entity (state, county, or agency) you selected. However, if you were selecting a state or a county, the list of agencies will be updated if the database returned such information.

You then select among the categories, sub-categories, and frequencies you want to import.