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Program Description License Type
Win92 Manage the data in your PRO-92/PRO-2067 Multi-System Trunking Scanner FREE
Win93 Manage the data in your PRO-93/PRO-2053 Dual Trunking Scanner FREE
Win95 Manage the data in your PRO-95 Dual Trunking Scanner FREE
Win96 Manage the data in your PRO-96/PRO-2096 Digital Trunking Scanner 30-day trial, $20 to register
Win97 Manage the data these scanners:
  • RadioShack PRO-97 and PRO-2055 Multi-System Trunking Scanners
  • GRE PSR-300 and PSR-400 Multi-System Trunking Scanners
  • RadioShack PRO-164 and PRO-163 Multi-System Trunking Scanners
30-day trial, $15 to register
Win99 Manage the data in your PRO-99 Race Scanner 30-day trial, $10 to register
Win500 Manage the data in these scanners:
  • GRE PSR-500 and PSR-600 Digital Trunking Scanners
  • RadioShack PRO-106 and PRO-197 Digital Trunking Scanners
  • GRE PSR-310 and PSR-410 Multi-System Analog Trunking Scanners
  • Whistler WS1040 and WS1065 Digital Trunking Scanners
  • RadioShack PRO-651 and PRO-652 Digital Trunking Scanners
Includes full monitoring and control of the radios, even over Internet connections.
30-day trial, $30 to register
WinXX Data Converter Converts between Win92, Win93, Win95, and Win96 data formats FREE
Please note that we only have software for the scanners listed above. In particular, we don't have (nor have we any plans to produce) software for the PRO-94, PRO-2051, etc.

Miscellaneous Software
  Program Description License Type
  TerraFetcher A program to download large, irregular sections of image data from Microsoft's TerraServer, for use with Doug Cox's USAPhotoMaps app. FREE

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